Who can apply? 

The Randall Lewis Health & Policy Fellowship is a prestigious and competitive fellowship for master and doctoral level students interested in health policy and related disciplines.

What type of training will I receive?

The purpose of the Randall Lewis Health & Policy Fellowship program is to ensure the development of health professionals who possess the necessary skills to influence positive change in public policy, systems, and the built environment in our local communities.

Who are your partners?

The Fellowship is a collaboration between participating cities, agencies, businesses, health systems, local not-for-profits, county departments of public health and universities.

How are fellows placed at hosting site?

Each fellow is placed according to skill sets needed by the hosting city, agency or business and fellow’s interests and training.

What is the length of the fellowship program?

The fellowship is an 8-month commitment beginning in September through the end of May.

When should I apply for the fellowship program?

Applications will be accepted from April 1 until August 30, 2020. If you have questions please inquire at jaynieboren@HC2strategies.com

What type of compensation will I receive? 

Stipend is available but amount may vary depending on funding sources.

The Randall Lewis Health & Policy Fellowship currently receives funding for fellow’s stipends from Lewis Group of Companies & Southern California Association of Governments and other organizations.

What are the expectations of the fellowship? 

All fellows are expected to complete the following over the course of their fellowship year:

  • Participate in an orientation session.
  • Attend Fellowship meetings and trainings. Fellows meet as a group once every other month. These sessions require travel within the Southern California region.
  • Submit a Scope of Work developed in conjunction with their site preceptor.
  • Attend a minimum of two external professional meetings, workshops or conferences per fellowship year.
  • Participate in a workgroup with a cross-disciplinary team of other fellows exploring similar Healthy Communities’ best practices and policies.
  • Attend the annual Fellowship Forum & Poster session. Fellows will present their work at an annual poster session and professional networking event held in late April each year.
  • Submission of a final narrative detailing the fellow’s experience and impact (approximately 1000 words).
Start Here and you will be directed to the application page of the program.