Give – You Are a Vital
Part of Change

Your donation will help us create a better future in the Inland Empire, Southern California and Beyond. This is not just any ordinary internship, but rather a cultivation of leaders who care about people, their health, and are willing to discover, model, and test new systems that support every member of their community.

In order for a community to be healthy, it needs more than just good healthcare. It also has economic stability and social safety nets that protect its residents from all aspects of their lives — both the joys (like playing football) as well as hardships (losing one’s job).

This type of world is what Partners for Better Health and the Randall Lewis Health & Policy Fellowship is striving to cultivate in every community. Your help means more than just helping a fellow. It’s anchoring a new vision where people can thrive even when faced with difficulty or challenge.

Why Sponsor a Fellow?

A healthy world starts with the cultivation of healthy leaders.

Your sponsorship will go directly to one of our fellows, so they can focus on learning, leading, making
positive community change without worrying about their next meal.

It may not seem like much but every little bit helps and fortifies our students with the support they need
to make strides towards cultivating new pathways, paradigms, and processes that reach everyone so
living healthy is easier.

Your sponsorship is not only helping a student now; it ensures that future generations will experience
daily life with more vitality and less disparity.

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